The PSRG QSO Party is a month-long event to encourage contact between members of the Puget Sound Repeater Group outside of nets and without the use of the repeater, thereby practicing and promoting the radio art and building our community.

The PSRG QSO Party will begin on June 1st at midnight Pacific time, and end on June 30th at midnight Pacific time.

Here our the slides from the announcement.


  1. Eligibility. All members of the Puget Sound Repeater Group are eligible to participate.
  2. Exchange. The exchange must include your name, an RS(T) signal report, and your six-character grid square.
  3. Modes. Contacts must be made between two members of the PSRG, in simplex mode (without the use of any repeater), on any band and in any mode.
  4. Internet and digital contacts. Echolink, Allstar, DMR, and DSTAR contacts are valid so long as they are direct, and not via a repeater, link, or conference. Most digital contacts are fine, except unfortunately FT8, as names and RST are not exchanged. See the FAQ for more information on digital modes.
  5. Skeds. Arranging your QSO beforehand, on the repeater or otherwise, is perfectly fine. However, contacts on the Double Nickel Simplex Net don’t count, as they are part of a net and not standard simplex contacts.

Example exchange

This is a minimal contact, which includes the required name, RS(T), and grid square exchange. Feel free to chat about anything and everything !



Logs should contain :

Here’s an example log.

To make it easier to tally points and merge everyone’s logs, please use a spreadsheet for logging. You’re very welcome to use any logger program you prefer, if it can output to CSV or Excel formats. Send logs to for scoring ! The leaderboard will be updated regularly.

Logs must be returned to K7DRQ by July 15th to qualify.


The top five stations will each receive a gift card, courtesy of the PSRG ! Keep an eye on this website for a leaderboard.


Digital modes